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Your Company's Roadmap to Sales

In order to sell to the Government, you have to be proactive, not reactive. Simply responding to a bid is not sufficient, you have to get to the buyer BEFORE the bid comes out. LEARN MORE

Expiring Contracts

The Proxity expiring contracts allows the user to know who has won the contract in the past, the contracting facility, dollar amount(s) awarded, and the past award winners of contracts expiring for the next 5 years. Waiting for a bid to appear is not enough! LEARN MORE

Find a Prime

You may want to look at who is selling in your marketplace for two big reasons. One is to determine where they are successful and then contact the facilities and contracting officer involved. Or you may choose to try to sell your product/service to them. At any rate they are installed, so make them your partner or sell against them.

Daily Opportunities

When searching for open bidding opportunities, Proxity has more than anyone all on one website. DoD small purchase, FBO, and all State and local buying organizations. You can refine your search by several different filters options.